GEM’s Loan Solutions is one example of GEM Technology, which makes a difference for our loan originators.

Loan Solutions is an eligibility, pricing and guideline engine, which helps you match your borrower with the right loan program and investor. To quickly price your client, you simply type in some basic information about your borrower and click submit.

Within seconds, every loan program, which matches your client’s needs pops up sorted by price.  From left to right, the information provided is: Investor, Program Code, Program Description, Lock Period, Rate, Price, Status and Investor Guidelines.

Disqualified loans (programs which do not meet the parameters entered) will also be listed. You may open a loan program to discover which conditions do not match, making it possible to adjust your parameters to meet your clients needs.

Click on the Loan Program and more detailed pricing options will pop up, offering you buy down to rebate pricing options, with a range of lock periods.

Click on the Investor Guidelines and the parameters for the selected loan program pop up for your perusal, so you may verify that your client indeed matches the guidelines of this loan program.

We believe that Loan Solutions is a timesaving tool, which insures that you may give your clients prompt and accurate pricing and program information.


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