Will I work with an in-house processor or may I hire my own?
You may choose to work with a corporate processor or have a processor in your branch.

How do I get paid?
All GEM employees are paid as W-2 employees.

What are the typical turn times?
Turn times vary based on volume, but we are committed to having underwriting decisions in 48 hours, conditions 24 hours, docs same day and funding in 24 to 48 hours.

In which states may I originate?
Although GEM is currently licensed in Arizona, California, Oregon, Utah and Washington, we are actively exploring expanding into Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Texas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming. However, you must be licensed in each state, in which you plan to originate loans and you must have a NMLS license.

Does each branch have a minimum monthly production volume requirement?
In order to function effectively, each branch is encouraged to fund 10 loans per month minimum.

Does GEM offer benefits to the branch manager, loan officers, support staff?
Yes. GEM offers comprehensive medical and dental benefits, as well as a 401k program.


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